2015 Week 1 Thursday Night Recap: Tom Brady is the GOAT

  1. Tom Brady started where he left off last year. He threw 4 touchdown passes with almost perfect completion percentage in Patriot’s win today in the opening night of 2015 NFL regular season.
  2. As said by the NBC analyst, Brady was able to contain his emotions despite the long and rough off season. He fired up the fans in the Gillette Stadium before the kick off which showed how emotional he was after being through the Deflategate allegations.
  3. Nothing to take away from Brady and the Patriots offense, but Steelers defense made tons of mistakes throughout the game. Gronkowski was left completely unguarded for a number of plays.
  4. I regret not taking Gronkowski as number 1 pick in any of my fantasy football leagues. I thought about it, but then the injury concern got me. He had a whopping 3 TD game.
  5. Gronkowski¬†also played an important role in Patriot’s win by recovering a fumble by Dion Lewis.
  6. Steeler’s offense clicked pretty good despite the absence of few starters. Ben played a solid game and so did DeAngelo Williams and all the wide receivers. Two missed field goal hunted them towards the end.
  7. DeAngelo Williams’ outing was pretty inspiring. He lost some weight after being cut by the Panthers and his improved physical abilities were visible. Good for all the fantasy owners who played them today.
  8. The crowd’s chant of “Where is Roger” was fun to hear. Wonder what would Goodell do had he been in the stadium.
  9. Mike Tomlin’s complains over the communication issues were interesting given all these talks about the Patriot’s visitor’s locker room issues that ESPN/Sport Illustrated put out last few weeks.