Kaepernick Can Throw

  1. This is interesting: Last year I wanted to write a blog about how Kaepernick’s throws had no touch. His fast balls¬†were pretty difficult for his WRs to catch.
  2. To top all, he had significant weakness in reading defenses. If his 1st read was not there, he couldn’t progress through¬†his 2nd/3rd.
  3. A big part of me thought, since the defenses already had figured out how to contain the running QBs, Kaepernick was going to be out of the league this year.
  4. Well, I watched the 2015 Week 1 game against the Minnesota Vikings, and I changed my mind already. His throws and mechanics seemed significantly improved with great touch with nice trajectory. His balls were spinning well. No more fast balls!
  5. Many players (i.e. Tim Tebow) talk about getting offseason helps, but it really doesn’t reflect during regular season. Looks like Kaepernick put in some work and it showed. Kudos to him.