Will Chip Kelly Get Fired?

  1. Entering into the 3rd week of the 2015 NFL regular season one of the biggest stories is the Eagles falling to 0-2. Head coach Chip Kelly won the power battle during the offseason and took over the personnel duties. He made a lot of surprise moves right away. It’s entirely his team now and the expectations and goals are set too high.
  2. The biggest concern is that none of the losses were close. The Eagles were dominated. They were behind the whole game and never showed any promise of comebacks.
  3. They are facing the 2-0 New York Jets this week. Jets have arguably the best defense in the NFL. They destroyed the Cleveland and Indianapolis offenses in 1st 2 weeks. In addition, the Jets offense found its rhythm with the veteran QB Ryan Fitzpatrick at the helm. Thus, the Eagles have a good chance of going 0-3.
  4. In Week 4 the Eagles face a divisional rival in Washington Redskins. Redskins defense is playing at a very high level. They restricted Miami and St. Luis to 17 and 10 respectively. They lost to the Giants in Week 3, but it was the special team, fumbles close the end zone, interceptions from bounced off of receivers, etc. Their defense still played good and Cousins played an okay game. The running game is not that bad either: they led the league in rushing in 1st 2 games. The Eagles can lose that game and decline to 0-4.
  5. Week 5 is going to be even a bigger challenge: They are going to face the New Orleans Saints. The Saints had improved their defense significantly. Although they are 0-2, both these games were close . If Drew Brees can find his offensive rhythm back, the Eagles may find themselves into a deep 0-5 hole.
  6. They face the New York Giants and Carolina Panthers in weeks 6 and 7 before the Bye and thus they can find themselves at 0-7, 1-6, or at best, 2-5.
  7. With all these personnel power and bold moves, Kelly will be under zero tolerance. He may not have a lot of friends inside the organization. Thus the owner may just think he’s seen enough and 2-5 won’t be acceptable. He may as well just pull the plug.

Akhter’s Laws of NFL Draft


History repeats itself. Every year, during NFL draft time, teams make the same mistakes. Therefore, I put together 9 laws of drafting that will help teams avoid disastrous drafts. First 4 laws provide guideline to be followed on draft day while the others focus on pre-draft evaluation of players.

Akhter’s Laws of NFL Draft:

Here are the Akhter’s Laws of NFL Draft

1.    Always draft the best player available at your position and work on depth.

2.    Avoid trades. If you have to, never sell the farm.

3.    Don’t be shortsighted in your draft strategy.

4.    Don’t draft out of desperation.

5.    Avoid kids from good football programs.

6.    If a player is injury-prone, he’s probably going to be injury-prone.

7.    Pro day performance or lack of it may not mean a lot.

8.    Don’t put too much importance on size and physical tools.

9.    Avoid players with drug or ego issues

Akhter’s 1st Law of NFL Draft: Always Draft the Best Player Available at Your Position and Work on Depth

This law provides guideline to be followed on draft day. This law is very religiously followed by Green Bay Packers. They always draft the best players available and it automatically builds depth in different position. Drafting Eddie Lacy is a classic example of the Packers staying put and taking the best player available at that time. Raiders’ discovery of Derek Carr is the best example successful application of this law.

Akhter’s 2nd Law of NFL Draft: Avoid Trades. If You Have to, Never Sell the Farm

This law provides guideline to be followed on draft day. Classic example of selling the farm is the RGIII trade by the Washington Redskins. There are many other examples, especially by the Buffalo Bills in recent times. Drafting of both EJ Manuel and Sammy Watkins required trading up and those picks were not as expected. Cleveland Browns violated this law when they drafted Trent Richardson and Johnny Manziel in recent drafts.

Akhter’s 3rd Law of NFL Draft: Don’t be Shortsighted in Your Draft Strategy

This law provides guideline to be followed on draft day. Don’t think just because last year’s draft strategy worked, it will be the same this year. A lot of times if there was a good WR class in last year (i.e. 2014 draft, people tend to pick more WRs in next year (i.e. 2015 class).

Akhter’s 4th Law of NFL Draft: Don’t Draft out of Desperation

This law provides guideline to be followed on draft day.  Especially QBs and RBs. Classic examples: Jake Locker, RG3, Trent Richardson. NFL may be overwhelming for them. May be too much pressure on the kid. Never draft a RB high either.

Akhter’s 5th Law of NFL Draft: Avoid Kids from Good Football Programs

This law provides guideline for pre-draft player evaluation. Chances are the players from good programs probably have reached their peaks. Plus they probably looked good because of their good teammates and good coaching.

Akhter’s 6th Law of NFL Draft: If a Player is Injury-Prone, He’s Probably Going to be Injury-Prone

This law provides guideline for pre-draft player evaluation. Jake Locker, Sam Bradford, RGIII – all were injury-prone in college and so are they now.

Akhter’s 7th Law of NFL Draft: Pro Day Performance or Lack of it may not Mean a Lot

This law provides guideline for pre-draft player evaluation. Tom Brady was horrible during pro day while Jamarcus Russell tore it up.

Akhter’s 8th Law of NFL Draft: Don’t Put too much Importance on Size and Physical Tools

This law provides guideline for pre-draft player evaluation. Russell Wilson and Drew Brees both lacked height. Brent Grime is too small to play the CB position. Blaine Gabbert had all the physical tools, but no success in NFL. Teams should put more emphasis on skills, body language, drive, etc.

Akhter’s 9th Law of NFL Draft: Avoid Players with Drug or Ego Issues

This law provides guideline for pre-draft player evaluation. Josh Gordon is a classic example. So is Johnny Manziel (well, it’s too early to say though).