Quarterback Options for the Dallas Cowboys

  1. Tony Romo got hurt today in the 2nd week of the 2015 NFL season. It’s the same shoulder that he broke before and he won’t probably be back in 8-10 weeks. The question is who should the Cowboys bring in?
  2. Brandon Weeden, the only other QB on the roster right now is average at best. He shows flashes of brilliance on occasion, but he cannot carry the team. Add to the fact that Dez Bryant, their number one receiver is also going to be out for 8-10 weeks.
  3. Kellen Moore (former Boise State) and Jameill showers are the QBs in practice squad. Following QB names are being mentioned too: Matt Flynn, Jason Campbell, RGIII, and Josh Freeman.
  4. Kellen Moore has good accuracy, but has serious issues with deep balls. However, his ability to pick up the Dallas offense is a question. Jameill Showers never really got into the limelight. He was thought to be big prospect with golden arm before he  backed up Tannehill and Manziel at Texas A&M. He later transferred to UTEP and played a few good games (at least 2 games with 4+ TDs). However, it is difficult to evaluate him on how NFL ready he is.
  5. Out of the available QB on the market, Campbell is already (early) retired and it is uncertain how good of a football shape he is in right now.
  6. Redskins will not let RGIII go to the division rival. So he’s out of the question too.
  7. Josh Freeman proved that he has difficulty picking up new offenses. Several teams kicked the tire on him before cutting him in  a short period of time. So he is not a going to be a wise option either.
  8. I like Matt Flynn the most. I think he can hold it up for a few wins before Romo comes back to the field. He saved Packers season couple of years ago when Rodgers got hurt.
  9. Flynn also showed he can adopt new offense pretty quickly and is already used to being a journeyman. Flynn should be signed immediately and put as Weeden’s backup for now. Let him learn the offense next couple of weeks, and if Weeden is struggling still struggling by that time, put Flynn in.