Where’s Hoyer’s Confidence?

  1. The morning after week 1 game where Hoyer was relieved towards the end in favor of Mallet, Coach Bill O’Brian was asked who the week 2 starting QB would be. His response was, he would reveal that next Sunday.
  2. Coach O’Brian is very familiar with both QBs. He coached them in New England. He coached Mallett last year in Houston before they signed Hoyer this offseason. After watching both QBs during the offseason, his careful evaluation was to go with Hoyer.
  3. After so many weeks (and years) of observation and thoughts you decided to go with Hoyer. You should give him at least a few more weeks. What could’ve changed in just one week of play? What kind of message does that convey to other players and the organization? What would people think of his judgement?
  4. Any QB can have a bad day, but Hoyer didn’t throw 4 INTs. If you take out that pick 6 in the opening drive, I didn’t think his performance was that bad. That’s how he normally plays. That doesn’t mean you lose your confidence in your QB. This is not a confidence booster for the QB.
  5. What did Coach O’Brian expect, a 4 TD performance from Hoyer? Coach should’ve known better because he saw how average of a QB he was with the Cleveland Browns last year.
  6. Hoyer didn’t help much of his case during the presser. He said he had felt like he let the entire organization down. No. He should’ve said, “I made a mistake and I’ll correct them in the next game with more preparation.”
  7. Mallett, by the way, played pretty good and led the offense down the field to score a TD. He did show a good command over the offense in his limited outing last year before getting injured.
  8. Mallett showed some real passion for the game after Hoyer was proclaimed starter. He was so upset, that he missed practice next morning (rumor has it he overslept). This proved he had a feel of ownership for the team which is important for a QB.