Rams Found Their Franchise Quarterback

  1. What a win for the Rams and Nick Foles! Nick Foles is for real. He took total control of the offense and spread the ball all around like a veteran pocket passer. So far the Rams seem to be the winner of the big offseason trade. That doesn’t mean the Eagles lost in the trade though. Win-win trades do exist!
  2. Foles did not do anything extra ordinary. He played his normal game. He made a lot of screen passes, he connected on some medium to deep balls, and overall, he did a great job of finding open receivers.
  3. Nick Foles got a lot of help from his WRs and RBs. There were not many drops and Benny Cunningham did an awesome job running the ball all game long. Also the fact that Seattle played without Kam Chancellor helped too.
  4. Tavon Austin showed again how big of a playmaker he is. It is still a mystery to me why the Rams didn’t use him more often in his 1st 2 years with the team.