Mallett Ready to Hammer It?

  1. About 5 years ago, it was said that the 2011 QB class was very strong. It indeed was. Four QBs were picked within 1st twelve picks and 2 more in the high second rounds. So, a total of 6 QBs were selected in 1st  two rounds!
  2. The draft experts put both Cam Newton and Blaine Gabbert to be high 1st rounders, if not 1st two overall picks. A lot of experts even put Gabbert ahead of Cam Newton.
  3. Surprisingly, there was no love at all for Ryan Mallett. All experts kept saying he had serious character issues.
  4. To me, Ryan Mallett was the most NFL ready QB that year. He had the strongest arm (with good accuracy) in that class by a big margin. Actually, not only 2011 draft class, I think he had the strongest arms of all QBs since Joe Flacco (2008 draft). Rumor has it that Mallett can throw the ball upto 80 yards.
  5. Mallett and Flacco are very similar when it comes to measurables though. Both are 6’6″ tall and both weigh about 245 pounds.  Likewise, I am sure they will get a tie in terms of arm strengths.
  6. The reason I put him ahead of Flacco is because of his swagger, command, and leadership. He had this toughness and presence in his playing style, that he is embraced as a natural leader. When the Patriots picked him up. I honestly thought he was gonna de-throne Tom Brady!
  7. What happened to the so called character issues with Ryan Mallett? Five years have passed and Mallett survived the toughest organization, the Patriots without any character questions. I want to ask those so called talent evaluators why they robbed a talent like Mallett of being picked up in high first rounds (and forget about the contract money he missed out on)? They almost ruined his career, and for no real reason!
  8. Couple of days ago, Mallett was declared as the starter for the Houston Texans. Here is why Mallett will succeed in Houston offense this year: (1) it is hard earned; he wouldn’t take it for granted (2) He would be more confident, because now he knows coach believes he will outplay Hoyer (3) He is going to be on a longer leash, because coach O’Brian won’t bench him with the fear of being known as noncommittal (4) Receiving corpse is going to help: Hopkins, Shorts III, Jaelen Strong (5) Running game is going to pick up

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