Quarterback911: Nick Foles Is Legit

1. I read an article yesterday where the author described how miserable Nick Foles was against the Jacksonville Jaguars in week 1 of the 2014 season. The author also suggested that despite Nick Foles’s poor performance, the Eagles ended up with a win because of Chip Kelly’s brilliant offense and support system. My question is: Who was Chip Kelly before he was forced to start Foles over Vick? Where was his offensive schemes and so called support system?

2. Kelly took forever to evaluate his QBs back in 2013. After his thorough and careful evaluation throughout the offseason, his well-thought (?) decision was to go with Vick. How great was he in identifying the right talent?

3. This particular author also had mentioned that Foles had one bad game against Dallas last year and he looked terrible in that game. Seriously? One bad game out of the season? You know what, I’ll take one bad game (and fifteen good games) a season any day. Needless to mention that some thought he might have had a concussion early in that game.

4. Nick Foles is a legit QB. He has everything you want in a QB. He has the poise, he has the pocket presence, he can read the defense, he can make a quick decision, he understands the route concepts, he knows which receivers are open even though they looks covered, he knows where to put the ball for his receiver to catch it easily, and he has the perfect zip in the ball. How many quarterbacks in today’s day and time have all this?

5. He’s not the most athletic guy on the field. We are spoilt these days. We want a QB to both beat with the leg and the arm. We want them to be athletic. Please stop! A real quarterback doesn’t have to be a running guy. A guy who plays with head does not have to run! I promise you, good things don’t happen when your QB wants to run.

6. A good QB creates receivers. Who heard of Riley Cooper before Nick Foles took over? Who are Greg Jennings or Laurent Robinson without Rodgers or Romo? Nick Foles created Riley Cooper. He owes it big time to Foles. Also, watch out for break-out seasons from a few more no-name Eagles receivers this 2014 season.

7. The quarterback should help his receivers help him. Give them a catchable ball, they will catch it for you. Hit him on the stride. Spot the ball right at his bread-basket. Nick Foles is your guy for all this.

8. Remember, Nick Foles finished the 2013 regular season with 27 TD, 2 INT and a season leading 119.0 passer rating and third in NFL history! He was a pro-bowl offensive MVP. Nick Foles doubters, please beware! He’s here to stay. He is legit. His last year’s stats were no fluke. Watch for him to have a similar, if not better, performance in the 2014 season.